1.5 YR    14.2 LBS

I knew you would click on my picture because I am so cute!  Just want to let you know that I have the personality to go along with these good looks, too!  I am sweet, charming and as lovable as can be!  I am ready to live my life now the I am heart worm negative, after going through 4 months of treatment and being on strict kennel rest.  I am 100% healthy now, and ready to run, jump and play all the time!  I am microchipped, current on all vaccinations and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.  Please come meet me and see how adorable I am.



11 YRS    14.2 LBS

Why is it that people like wine that has aged, but they keep overlooking me because I'm aged??  I might be 11 years old, but I don't act like it.  I run circles around all the youngsters when we go out for playtime!! I just want the chance to have a family of my own enjoying walks around the neighborhood, watching TV, taking naps and going to the dog park.  I am current on all my vaccinations, microchipped and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.  I am heart worm negative. Please come meet me, and see how young my spirit really is for yourself.  Can I be part of your family?



3 YR    15 LBS

Hi there!  I would love to become a part of your family.  My prior family was good to me, but after 3 years of spending 12 hours a day in a kennel, they decided that I deserved a better life!! I'm current on all vaccinations, microchipped, heart worm negative and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.  If you're in need of an adorable snuggle buddy, come to meet me!



MONTH/YR OF BIRTH   9/18    13 LBS

​Benji is ready for some summer fun, but needs someone to share in it with him!  He is playful and energetic, but a little cautious because his first human abandoned him on the streets.  Are you the person to love him as unconditionally as he will love you??  He is current on vaccinations, heart worm negative, microchipped and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.  He is waiting to meet you!  



2 YRS    14 LBS

Remember the candy called Laffy Taffy?  That should be my whole name, because I am such a sweet silly girl and will make you laugh all the time.  I need a family that is looking for a fun, energetic and adventurous kid to complete them!  But, after all the fun and games, I want and need a lap to snuggle and cuddle in!!  If you feel your family is missing that final piece to complete it, look no further.  Here I am!!!  I am current on vaccinations, microchipped, heart worm negative and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.  I am truly the real deal!  Please come meet me.


RED HEELER/KELPI MIX     F/ Spay on 8/19

MONTH/YR OF BIRTH   12/12/18    27.2 LBS 



4 YRS    29.8  LBS



1.5 YRS    18.6 LBS

I am still a work in progress, but I have come a long way since I came to live at Metairie Humane.   I am what is known as a fence climber and a possible flight risk.  If you have a chain link fence, I always need to be on a leash when outside.  Actually, it would be much better if I lived at a house with a 6' or 8' wooden fence that I cannot climb.  I just finished heart worm treatment and am now fine.  I am on monthly heart worm and flea prevention, microchipped and current on all vaccinations.  I hope my short comings won't scare you away.  I have a lot of love to give you. I love to sit next to you and get lots of pets, too.  Please come meet me. 


PAPILLON/CHIHUAHUA MIX   M/Neuter on 8/19   

2 YRS        11.5 LBS 



MONTH/YR OF BIRTH   9/18    14.7 LBS 

So glad you stopped by to visit.  I've been a little lonely, but I know part of that is my own fault.  I am still a little leery of humans and take a while to warm up to people, but I just seem to help myself.  I'm not for sure why I get so scared, but i'm a whole lot better now than I was when I came to stay at Metairie Humane Shelter.  I think maybe someone was really mean to me before I came here, and I just can't blocked it out of my memory.  Aunt Cindy says I'm a sweet boy, but I need lots of love and patience.  Please consider being my forever human that will teach me to trust and love again.  I am current on vaccinations, microchipped and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.



3 YRS     25 LBS

I came from a hoarding house that was just awful.  I had no Vet care or heart worm prevention.  I did get heart worms, and had to undergo a long and difficult treatment to kill them.  I am proud to say that I am now heart worm negative and 100% healthy.  I and so happy that I came to live at Metairie Humane Shelter because now I get a second chance at finding my lifetime love affair!  If you need someone to love who will love you unconditionally forever, I am your guy!  I am microchipped, current on vaccinations and on monthly heart worm and flea prevention.  Are you my human?  Please come meet me!

All of our dogs are current on their vaccinations, heart worm negative, microchipped, on monthly heart worm and flea prevention, and spayed/neutered if older than six months. If under six months they wil be spay/neutered at a vet of our choice paid for by us.

To meet and greet, or for more info call:  504 458 0531 or 504 427 7937.  No Text Messages or Emails.

Our adoption fee is $200 for adults, $400 for young purebred, $400 and $300 for pups (will get partial refund after spay or neuter) We have a two week return policy for a full refund.