​​​​​ Adopting a suite is a terrific chance for individuals, families or businesses to show their support of the homeless, abused, neglected and relinquished dogs that come to spend time with us while they heal, both physically and mentally, until they are ready to find their lifetime love affair!

Our suites are being prepared to go under a much needed makeover so that our dogs can have a new, more comfy place to call home.   There are 14 suites in LSU colors and 13 suites in New Orleans Saints colors.  There are 4 Suites that are 5'x9', and 23 Suites that are 4'X9'.  Each suite will have at least one Kuranda Shelter Bed, so doggies will have a clean and comfortable place to sleep.  There are concrete block half walls on both sides with page fencing for the remaining half walls, and a 6' page fence gate in the front.  The back wall is completely concrete block.  The floors will be covered in Ninja Coating Tiger Eye for the LSU suites and a special color blend for the Saints colors.  The side walls in the LSU suites will be LSU gold and a glittery gold for the Saints suites.  All back wall will be a medium grey.  The colors are shown below:

                    Tiger Eye Floor                                  LSU Suites Side Walls                          Back Walls

         Saints Floor Color Being Developed             Saints Suites Side Walls                        Back Walls


Through our Adopt a Suite Program, not only do you provide this safe haven, but here is a list of added benefits for the sponsor:

        *  Customized colored plaque that is prominently displayed on “your” suite.

        *   All plaques will be inscribed with your name, business name, dedication to a beloved pet, or any other  

            appropriate message you want, within space limitations of the plaque.

        *  You can pick which suite you want to adopt based on the availability at the time of adoption.

        *  You will be updated quarterly on the dogs that have been enjoying their stay in “your” suite.

        *  Submit a picture of you, your family, your business logo, or your pet.  We will have the picture printed for

           display in your suite.


                *  If businesses approve, we will advise the people who adopt from us the name of the suite sponsor that helped

           make their new fur baby comfortable while living with us.  Also, your name will be listed on our website as

           sponsoring a suite.  It will be great, cheap advertising for any business.

        *  We are a 501(c)3 therefore all donations are tax deductible.

The adoption fee for your suite is $300 a year, running 12 consecutive months from when your suite is completed.  For less than a dollar a day, you will know that you will have provided a safe and comfy home for formerly neglected and abused fur babies where they will know what safety and love humans can give, until they find their forever families.

​If you want to adopt a suite, please compete the Adopt-A-Suite 2019 Application Form and send it with your check to the address listed on the form.