JACQUES, August 13, 2016            Our hearts at Metairie Humane Shelter are heavy today as our longest resident crossed over the Rainbow Bridge last night. Beau Jacques came to us from a puppy mill at the young age of 8 months and lived with us until the ripe old age of 12 years old. He died from congestive heart failure after a suffering a slight heart attack a month ago. He fought courageously until the end. He was with for so long that he was truly a family member to us all but especially to Harold and Joan. He will be greatly missed by all of us!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for your thoughts and kind words about Beau Jacques it means a lot!!! I'd also like to say this is a perfect example of why more "no kill" shelters are so important. Jacques was given away by the puppy mill because his testicles never dropped so he was of no use to them and although we had him rehomed a couple of times he was always returned for one reason or another and it all was caused by the fact that the first eight months of his life which are so important for socialization he was with nothing but dogs therefore he was very leary of people and took awhile to warm up to people and this was always a problem in finding him a forever home of his own. But with Harold and Joan and Metairie Humane Shelter Jacques always felt that he had found his forever family. I am so thankful he was given to us and he was allowed to live his entire life with people who loved him but most important to Jacques was his shelter sister Lagniappe who has been with us for almost as long and who is grieving the loss of her brother as she has spent all day looking for him. This is the reason everyone should always try to adopt from a shelter and always support your favorite no kill shelter!!!



In loving memory of Lola who was taken into her lifetime love affair in 2005.

Lola crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Christmas Eve 2017.

Greatly missed by her human Mama Brianne and Grandma Lori. Their

shared love will never be forgotten.

Love you Lola.


Carl and  Anne Perry

Pet lovers and generous supporters of the homeless animals.

It is with profound love and gratitude we honor our Aunt Anne and  Uncle Carl  Perry.

Your grace and kindness enriched our lives and inspire us each day as we hold your memory

forever in our hearts.

with love,

Glenn, Craig, Scott  and  Carol,  Seth,  Isaac

JILL,  born March 14th    died March 15th

Jack and Jill were born to a  Mama being treated for heartworms. We were not aware she was pregnant when we started the treatment. Treatment was stopped as soon as she was confirmed to be pregnant. We don't know what role this treatment presents in pregnancy. Jill is survived by her brother Jack and mother Ellie Mae. Jill was with a such a short time and died at the vet clinic but she still left paw prints on her Mama and our hearts.

Jill was laid to rest in the Metairie Humane Shelter's cemetary after a brief service.